Established in 2010 as the sole imprint Poiêsis Press, it was then and remains today our mandate to encourage the creative where we meet it. The global marketplace ironically makes it harder not easier for individual writers to find homes for their work. Like the raven, we seek the shiny bits close to home, working within the ever expanding network of creative people we encounter, knowing that the realm we call home enlarges and gains its audience in the synchronous way of the muse.

    Just as we began with a single imprint and a focus on poetry and spirituality, we have quickly found ourselves excited by travel writing, nature, and literary fiction. Still, our methods and reach remain the same. We look to nurture the creative urge, the fine fire, the perfect flight. We indulge our generous side with non-profit projects, and support for our authors and artists in unique ways.

Poiêsis Publishing Group

G. Britton Barnes, Publisher

D. L. Reynolds, Editor in Chief


1620 Cameron Rd

Elk, CA 95432 USA


artwork by permission, Julie Higgins

all rights reserved