Poiêsis does not sell their titles directly. We believe in the value of booksellers, both online and bricks and mortar independent stores, and we are not interested in competing with them. Our books are distributed by Ingram Distribution worldwide with printing in the US and UK.

We believe in print on demand technology as a valuable way to prevent unnecessary waste of paper and trees. All of our books are printed on ecologically compliant, acid free paper. While we will consider offset printing where appropriate, we see no reason to cling to outdated methods without reason, but we will use technology in the most effective way for the individual product.

Some of our titles are hardcover only, others are paperback only. We do not play games with staggering launch formats to maximize profits. We believe that is old school. If a book is going to come out in eBook or paperback, it will do so at launch. We prefer to look at how best to offer a book and confine the offering to that single format.

Poîesis Publishing is not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time.

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